Riwaka School Learning Programmes


At Riwaka School we are aware that most of our students will be employed in jobs that have not been invented yet. In light of this we encourage our students to be:

  • problem solvers
  • creative thinkers
  • innovators and
  • self-managers

We acknowledge our students belong to the Digital Generation. Resources are provided to cater for this:

  • interactive whiteboards or Apple TVs
  • pods - laptops and ipads
  • opportunities for parents to engage with their students learning on-line

We are proud of our school curriculum programmes. We acknowledge the input from our students, parents, staff and Board in their design. The Riwaka School Curriculum aligns with the New Zealand Curriculum and is inclusive of the following school wide programmes:

  • thinking skills
  • information skills
  • gifted and talented
  • e-learning
  • water safety
  • inquiry learning

Riwaka School's latest ERO Report     pdf icon  (Download PDF)